Religion, Education and Critical Realism

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Religion, Education and Critical Realism

Inter-disciplinary dialogue about reality, knowledge and the pursuit of truth

7–8 September 2012, Oxford Brookes University

Convened jointly by Oxford Brookes University, King’s College London and Canterbury Christ Church University

The inaugural conference for the International Association for Religion, Education and Critical Realism brings together academics, researchers and classroom practitioners to engage in dialogue at the interface of Theology and Religion, Education and Learning, Religious Education and Critical Realism. It is hoped to foster an exchange of ideas and approaches, leading to the development of theory, research and practice. Selected papers will also be published in an edited volume to further inspire and support the ongoing dialogue.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Roy Bhaskar (Critical Realism), Institute of Education, University of London

Professor Ference Marton (Education and Learning), University of Göteborg, Sweden

Revd Prof Alister McGrath (Theology and Religion), King’s College London

Professor Andrew Wright (Religious Education), King’s College London

Call for papers

You are invited to propose a paper, panel or practical workshop reflecting on any of the following questions:

What is reality really like?

How do we experience reality?

How do we judge whether such experience is authentic?

How can we decide what should be learned about reality?

How can we teach and learn about reality?

How can we teach and learn about God and religion?

Abstract proposals (approx 200 words) to by 2 March 2012

Paper presentations will be 30 minutes, including discussion.

The conference flyer is here:


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